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2d & 3d Interior Packaging

1. 2d interior view (100sqft to 300sqft) - Rs. 10000/- to Rs. 25000/-

2. 2d interior view (300sqft to 500sqft upto 1000sqft) - Rs. 25000/- to Rs. 100000/-

3. 3d interior view (100sqft to 300sqft) - Rs. 15000/- to Rs. 45000/-

4. 3d interior view (300sqft to 500sqft upto 1000sqft) - Rs. 45000/- to Rs. 150000/-


Monk Card can custom design the partitions to provide the complete security to your expensive items. Using corrugated boxes can help in keeping the products secured. The polyethylene foams ensure keeping the fragile materials in a secured manner. The properties and features of polyethylene foams are suitable for use in the variety of applications for cushion packaging and other similar uses. The polyurethane shapes are normally used to secure the fragile or irregularly shaped materials. They are lightweight, resilient, versatile with an extensive flexibility. The polyurethane is significant in the diverse industrial operations such as medical, automotive, electronics and recreational regions. They are produced from 100% recycled newsprint molded pulps for efficient cushioning and security of antique pieces. We follow the green packaging techniques to protect your products. With the environment friendly packaging, the products are packed in the highly flexible materials to keep them intact of damages while shipping. As they are fully recyclable so our packaging options have become a proven alternative to the traditional packaging materials available in the market. Using our completely recyclable packaging material, your company can go green. Clients trust us for added protection to their valuable stuff Interior packaging is an inclusive term that refers to several styles and combinations of corrugated, foam, wood, foam cover, packing peanuts are a few names. If require bubble wrap of your specific product or something complicated for example die-cut corrugated configuration with enhanced security foam and wood, Monk Card will design the right set to seal your product. Which packaging products we use – Scored sheets, corrugated boxes, pads, slotted partitions, triple wall and honeycomb, sealed air proprietary product, PE and PU foam blocks, EPS foam blocks and hot wire cut configurations, wood, bubble wraps, foam wraps, packing peanuts and foam wraps. When corrugated boxes are simply not enough, we utilize pads, liners, partitions and various other internal packing materials in the diverse manners to ensure the firm packing for your materials to avoid their movement while shipment. The materials can be simply scored, slotted, rectangles or special die cut shapes. The scored sheets are folded to produce rectangles and glued or joined with tape to produce a structure that is open on both sides. The packaging can be done in additionally secured manner by using sleeves and glassware. Padding: With padding additional space is filled between the inner flaps of a container to ensure the full security of box in top and bottom to separate the product layers. Padding in the vertical direction ensures higher stacking strength. Packing- Partitions are essential to ensure the security of glassware and other delicate items. It enhances the packaging strength. Die-Cut Support Pads –Scored and folded internal packing materials are made in the various shapes and sizes that consist of several pieces glued together. Various shape products are fully filled to prevent their movement and damage. With our quality packaging materials and process, we ensure that your valuable items are well secured before they are shipped. Contact us for receiving the complete interior packaging services.

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