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vastu + interior designer (2d view + 3d view) + site visit (100sqft to 500sqft) - Rs. 51000/-

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vastu + interior conslutant (2d view) + site visit (100sqft to 500sqft) - Rs. 41000/-

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vastu + interor conslutant (2d view + 3d view) - Rs. 31000/-

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vastu + site visit - Rs. 25000/-


Packaging is essential to keep your commercial and household items secured while shipment. The packing pieces are widely used for cushioning. The suspension maintains the distance between the product and box walls to reduce the impact of bumps or drops. Fully filling the voids developed by intermittent shapes prevent the movement of packed items inside the box while shipment. Inner packing forms are often die cut to position and support the irregular products from below and keep them into the position. The forms can be kept on both sides or ends of a product. We design the corrugated boxes to conform the unique shipping criteria. The cushioned materials with containers are used for the lightweight electronics and medical products. We can die-cut and produce the boxes that provide suitable solutions for the customer interior packaging and protection. Choose Monk Card for your product packaging as we guarantee that your products are protected during the relocation. With our extensive range of cushioning materials, corrugated boards, foams, plastics and roll flanges that meet your design requirements. With our special fabricated foam such as Styofoam Liners, Free Packaging and interior cushioning, we meet the specific requirements of our customers. Usually used in addition of corrugated boxes, these are the suitable solution for the custom packaging and protection.

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