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Vastu Plus Interior Conslutant - Rs. 4500/-

Architecture has a special significance in the residential and commercial interiors. The state of art vastu techniques make the environment contented and enrich it with many positive energies. The calm, rejuvenated and healthy vibes are fit for the structure that can be a home or commercial place. The interior texture is a crucial factor that if done perfectly, attracts everyone however it must not be overdone that looks good but not compelling. If the home arrangements are not done according to vastu then the family members lose their health so it is suggested to consult with vastu advisor while deciding the interior design. 


Actually the interior designing following the vastu is an extensive fact that defines the internal serenity of a home, office or commercial hub. You receive a complete interior layout from a vastu consultant which includes interior designing, ceiling, shape and paints, roof design, lights, curtains, furniture, beds, wall drawings and more. Practically, a good interior designing in addition of according of vastu represents a good structure of your home that describes your lifestyle silently or your business level. Therefore through a glimpse of interior, everyone can easily determine the standard of occupants. Additionally vastu based interior creates a peaceful environment in the premises with positive energies that maintain good health and prosperity. 


Indian vedic vastu shastra emphasizes to get complete vastu friendly interior whilest Chinese art includes the positioning of various objects and items to enhance the development and flow of positive energy around the home. So an interior of a home or office or any business place can be made vastu oriented without any unnecessary structure change. When you want to work in the direction of enhancing your life, you should collect sufficient information to make the correction in your household arrangement or get a vastu consultant to do everything. The anti-vastu structuring creates bad luck and grieves and specifically looks offensive. 


Hence prevent using anything that seems to be painful or ugly. The complete essence of vastu for interior is hidden behind this concept. Vastu covers each object such as location of furniture, bed, almirah, kitchen equipments, artwork shelves, sofa, tables, central tables and painting. 




A kitchen, main place in the home where food is prepared, a fuel for the human body, so the kitchen should be made following the vastu. It helps us in maintaining good health. 


Curtains and Mirrors


The matching curtains are selected with the background color. Choose light color for bedroom and then dark for the living room. Dark color curtains are used in the negative part whilst the light color curtains are used in the area of positive energy.

The correct position of mirrors enrich the whole home with enormous of positive vibrations reversely an incorrectly placed mirror may vanish the positive energy. Therefore mirrors should be placed in a suitable position. They should be placed facing to east or north directions. Similarly you can get your home filled with the positive vibes by placing the other things in the right places by consulting with vastu consultant.  


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