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Vastu Consultant - Rs. 2500/-

A traditional and occult science, Vastu shastra has been anciently used for designs and building. It helps in protecting people from the wrong incidents by keeping the negative energies at the bay. A vastu specialist considers the interplay of different natural forces including the basic elements – earth, water, wind, fire and these lead and introduce variations in the living styles of human as well as other living beings. Therefore they create an effect on the human actions, fortune, behavior and other sorts of life. Vastu experts trust that there are basically two kinds of forces that are equal and reverse to each other in nature. The combination of these forces is cosmic. It states the suitable place to survive well and make you free of diseases. Vastu specifies the proper place to spend life with prosperity and happiness. The vastu prayers include worship of god and when god accepts our prayers, he makes us healthy and free of disorders. Vastu helps by well being of all people who live in a home or work at a place. This science is applicable to all places such as flats, offices, homes and commercial buildings. The vastu consultation is provided by our experts following the predictions of zodiacs and planets and it primarily focuses on the directions and energies around us.


This is crucial when you build a new home, you need to meet all the conditions of vastu shastra and interior designing o house following the vastu directions. For not following the instructions, the things become complicated and problems occur daily. Today everyone trusts in vastu shastra and they know about the damage if not following it. When you construct a new home you must take advice of vastu specialist to know about how your home must be structured. Our specialists work in Delhi and other cities in the country. We are specialized in vastu jyotishi and provide solution for each kind of problem. We offer vastu solutions for homes and offices and help in redesigning the new age of offices. Vastu is significant for house, shelter and commercial building. Vaastu is a study that describes the form size and building orientation considering the plot, soil, area and owner personality. The basics of vaastu are made considering the cosmic influence of sun light, heat and solar energy, the wind directions, moon position, magnetic field of earth and effect of cosmos on our mother earth. The effect of vastu on the building type and humans is similar to cosmic effect of sun on our echo system. Vaastu is not a magic, it is a science of organizing structures, vibes and energy. With the amalgamation of occult science and astrology, the practical instructions are given about the selection of site, demographics, organization of area, room structure and their proportions and customs for growth of house and happiness of a family. Vaastu shastra is a suitable and versatile way to create a radical difference in your life. It has a major role in bringing happiness, peace and wealth.

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