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Our vastu consultant do not need an introduction with experience of many years in residential, commercial and industrial vastu planning. Our vastu specialists have begun studying this occult science in early 90s to create awareness about the significance of vastu in their home and workplace.


Vastu was accepted earlier only by rate however due to relocation to other places such as IT city, the need of Vastu consultants increased. Right here the locals become interested to know this science and its advantageous effects. 


Our specialists have organized various workshops on the factors besides of consultancy. We are working to help people to do their interiors in a correct manner be it a home, social hub, educational institute or anything. The vastu applications are based on the traditional factors to the advance enhanced conditions of construction activity in micro and macro projects without the matter of religion or cast.


We provide a visit to your place for vastu consultation for both residential and commercial buildings. 


  1. Residential Vastu:

 Choosing a land and planning, selection of flats and apartments before buying, correcting the        vastu flaws and planning for renovation and construction in the already made building.


  1. Commercial Vastu:

  1. Official buildings such as banks, conference rooms, places, shops, showroom, university, cinema halls, auditoriums, banquets etc.

  2. To commence an industry and selection of land and enhance business productivity and renew the commercial hub. 

In actual, vastu shastra is an ancient Indian technique of architecture and design of homes. It can be found discussed in Vedas and in the existing world, it is followed in the buildings. 


Vastu follows the physical, psychological and spiritual order of the built media, in consonance with the positive energies. It is an analysis of planetary effects on the building and people living there. Vaastu provides instructions for good construction. 


It is trusted that for peace, happiness, health and wealth one should stand for the vastu instructions of vastu while constructing a home. It shows the way to prevent diseases, depression and damages by living in structures that create the positive energy.


As the vedic wisdom is similar to celestial knowledge of the cosmic mind received by sages in deep states of meditation. Vastu Shastra contains the instructions stated by the supreme power.The basic premise of vastu is based on the assumption that earth is a living body on which other living species ad organic forms develop and each particle on earth and space possesses keeps surviving energy.


Vastu is becoming significant among people at the vast level and many commercial hubs are accepting its importance in their office interiors. As using vastu, modern appearace of office is not altered, it has received extensive acceptance across the world. Essentially considerable factors are – office shape, reception area, marketing place, office entrance, door, position of main cabin, CEO and essential staff, location of financial section and staff positions and movements, location and organizations of conference rooms, direction of marketing activities and display, interior and exterior color of office, direction of electrical devices such as ACs and coolers, canteen location and direction etc.

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