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Synergy Restaurant Consultants has extensive experience in designing new restaurants or remodeling environments for existing restaurants. Whether it’s an external restaurant facade upgrade, a complete interior restaurant design or simply sign design, we create the most impressive, timeless, solution-oriented restaurant design in the market today. Our design team creates restaurants that diners hate to leave.

Our team also creates world-renowned kitchens, providing a more productive work environment and contributing to back-of-house profitability. We understand how to design a practical restaurant kitchen that not only looks sensational and is totally practical for day-to-day operations, but minimizes buildout and construction costs. Our kitchen designs shine with innovation and efficiency.


To keep your restaurant well maintained and up to date, you need regular renovations but it 

can widely add into your expenses so you need experienced restaurant remodelling to keep 

the budget under control.


Consider remodelling as a way to discover the possible options. Cut the options with

which you can compromise and add the essential items. It is not advised to obtain 

the entire things as it is not necessary at all.


Choose the effective and primary elements such as painting, finishing, lighting and

furniture to create a spectacular difference without even breaking your bank. In fact 

a complete and deep cleaning solely can also update your restaurant look. A 

featured entrance with beautiful tiles can create a sizzling design within your budget.


Make limiting changes in your infrastructure as it may increase the expensive widely

due to plumbing or change in restaurant structure.


Remodelling of bars and dining rooms is always demanded as they significantly

enhance the outlook of your restaurant. Prefer to change the restaurant’s vibrations 

to attract the modern folks such as youngsters. A newly designed bar always offers 

upgraded experience and becomes a centre of action in your restaurant.


Do you need to close the restaurant while renovation, schedule it wisely.


Prepare budget for immediate unexpected tasks such as if you need additional coat

of paint or need to pay extra work hours to your remodelers, it will help you redesign 

your rest and bar within budget and in the decided time.



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