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Through our partners Illuminate, we offer lighting design consultancy working with architects, interior designers, landscape architects and high end clients across Asia, Middle East, Europe and America on a wide range of commercial and residential projects.

A successful lighting scheme should be a seamless, complimentary layer to an interior or exterior; the user of the space should be blissfully unaware of its presence, and yet be able to fully appreciate the space in all its realized glory.

Every surface of a room can have its own part to play in a larger story; it is how we manipulate and change each of these elements that affects the outcome of the novel. At Illuminate, lighting design is considered in layers, and it is by the intelligent grouping of lights into these layers that allows the manipulation of a space to suit the desired task or ambience.


Hotel decorated with pleasing lights can definitely create an influence to the interior areas. 

We use the different pairs of lights and lamps that are fit throughout the hotel. Embellishing 

the spaces with matching lights, a great place is created that mesmerizes the guests and 

visitors. So welcome your guests to an environment of warm and charming light with 

outstanding modern fixtures from interior deluxe.


We keep everything you require to elucidate your hotel or resort with captivating 

chandeliers for your lobby and concierge area, table lamps for night works and caretaker 

place, recessed lights, roof fixtures for corridors and stairwells and more. The welcoming 

tone that your guests love to experience usually when they arrive at your hotel is provided 

by us.


Now when we begin to consider the interior design of a hotel to transform your design 

concepts in to reality, lighting design comes at first. Not just speaking about the lobbies 

even also different places such as spa, bedrooms, gym and others, we incorporate the best 

lighting concepts in the world to bring changes in your place.


A vision for the hotel atrium with a sizzling design of the modernized femme fatal. 

Latest hotel designs are adapted to social variations with the innovative solutions. Interior 

design trends shape the modern catering scene. From rethinking guestroom configurations 

to ensure the personalized experience, hotel owners transform the accommodation places 

into the captivating get away. Our clients enjoy the hotel interior designs created by our 

trained and professional designers to nurture the value of their place.



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