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Architectural Interior

Work directly with a major retail client to develop Master Prototype Documents for use by internal and external partners. Applicant must be able to create complex details with minimal Design Direction. Must be able to think through the technical aspects of detail creation as it applied to Master Prototype Documents for interior and/or exterior type projects. Team player/leader with good technical skills, and an ability to focus on all aspects of a project. Has specific knowledge and understanding of the retail interior fit-out project development process including storefront and interior cabinet and fixture development. Produces contract document templates that apply to/are compliant with a broad range of building codes and zoning regulations, works with engineering consultants, checks/creates details from shop drawings and may conduct site visits. Is able to work well with minimal direction and supervision. Candidate should have both Design/Technical background and be familiar with the fast-paced nature of retail roll-out architecture. Candidate should be aware of new products and construction methods and have the ability to communicate both. Reports to the Studio Director or Project Manager.


An uncompromising value can be possibly generated with interior spaces in an organization 

including productivity, health and well being and procurement strength. With experienced 

architecture drawing, technology and devices and climates, our interior architects and 

designers work across geographies and areas to built unforgettable and sensible places that 

are operation oriented and worth a quality life.


With our performance based design to enhance the space value, our architects apply the 

widest of their skills to develop attractive design with measurable advantages.


We have become a pioneer architecture designing firm in India and have created a

momentous influence on the state-of-art building techniques. It ultimately makes us 

responsible to create worthwhile buildings, interiors and services to create a positive effect 

on the world. We venture to meet this goal that is recognized by our customers with the top 

green firms across the country. The proven market standard for the architecture design is 

reliable and consistent use of materials and available space.


With architecture credentials, similar standards are generic guidelines. As of this, we have 

created an exclusive approach that is called function oriented deign that simply means a 

strategy to enhance the value of the built environment. Drawing extensive evidence about 

the social, economic and natural impact of design, we seek to implement the widest 

available intelligence to develop an attractive design with assessable benefits to people, 

location and neighborhood. Contact our specialized architectural engineers who perfectly 

draft the design of your place to create a compelling interior that charms everyone.


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