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Catalog Designing

If your company will be writing their own copy, take the time to write good content for the brochure. Better yet, have a copywriter write content. I have professional copywriters who know how to deliver your message with compelling copy.

Brochure content should be written in relation to the purpose of the brochure. Are you promoting or offering special pricing on a product? If so, write content showing these special prices and include them on the cover and back of the brochure. Most often you can't control how the reader will receive your brochure, face up, face down or open. If you're mailing your brochure you can bet it's going to be face down in the mailbox because postal workers deliver mail with the label up so they can see what address to send it to. Getting your target market to read content is very difficult. Don't give them an opportunity to miss your most important message. If your message is both on the front and back of the brochure, you've increased the odds that your target market is going to see the special pricing you're offering.

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